quintavius quire anarchist future phoenix

"You've always encouraged us to dream, professor... I just wondered what would happen if one of us
had a dream you didn't like?"
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ω full name ω reginald augustus qwinn ω goes by ω rex, qwinn, little shithead ω dob & age ω 02.02.1997 & 23 ω hometown ω bel air, la, california ω residence ω tbd san francisco, ca ω occupation ω here ω relationshipω INDEPENDENTLY OWNED & OPERATED ω personality ω πŸŽ­πŸπŸβ™’ ω veil status ω locked
the worst person you will ever meet
Quintavius "Quentin" Quirinius Quire is an Omega-level mutant psionic, anarchist, super-genius, and former bad boy who joined the student body of the Xavier Institute after Professor X's return from averting a war with Genosha and the rebuilding of the X-Mansion... 🧠️️

i'll wait for the reboot thx earth-616, but you can't tell me what to do!

certified freak seven days a week πŸ•ΆοΈ q surnames are hard
πŸ•Ά looks good in pink
πŸ•Ά he got a huge ego
πŸ•ΆοΈοΈ adopted, anarchic, addict

memoirs of an unreliable narrator ✘ we don't need no education! let's riot!
✘ phoenix endsong gives me life, literally
✘ headmaster wolverine? is that the punchline?
✘ i cured jubilee and all i got was a t-shirt
✘ we're famous on the west coast, avengers 🀘

incentive key for dummies locked
✓️ unlocked in cv OR au
unlocked in cv & au

omega level mutant, master level bater telepathy
Mental Manipulation, Tracking, Cloaking, Mind Control, Illusions, Paralysis, Amnesia, Psionic Blasts, Information absorbtion, Astral Projection, Psychic "Constructs" ↝ manifests psionic weapons; shotguns, gattling guns, rocket launchers, etc Telekinesis psychokinesis, flight, force bolts, protective fields, subconscious tactile tk, ultimate lazy millennial phoenix force Interstellar Travel, Cosmic Pyrokinesis, Resurrection, immortality, Temporal Manipulation, phoenix avatar bitches Psionic-Energy Mimicry non-corporeal pure psionic form, used to survive after body 'sploded Psychic Intelligence cheat codes for his brain; heighten intelligence, cognitive and mental abilities
Let's role play, I wear a disguise signature anarchic t-shirts
omega gang leader
future phoenix
age of apocalypse

stole some other people's shit ✘ off-canon stuff!

family is the real bad f word
layla marie"lacey" qwinn
80's scream queen turned reality tv trash. on husband #4 but still milking the qwinn name. toxic.

lorrence qwinn
famous crooner circa 1950's. lived up to his hearthrob status. died during a boating accident in '71.

rosemary harris
one-time motion picture ingenue & america's sweetheart. unstable behind the screen. died via overdose in '84.

josefina saint-clair
writer, gender studies professor. expects a lot from him and he knows why.

zivah "zee" saint-clair
healer/spiritual coach. usually plays good cop and peacemaker.

xavier townsend
his aa obi-wan. dishes out tough love and pancakes as needed.

she doesn't even go here...

can't hurt my feelings but I like pain stuff.